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Artificial Intelligence is the new frontier in finance

Key is in distinguishing between patterns in data and identifying stable signals with forecasting power
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Investing with WakeTT

We are a technology based company using a combination of systematic processes to advise investors across asset classes.

Over two decades of scientific application and problem solving using Machine Learning.

Technology has reached an important tipping point in the last decade that is opening up the opportunities to exploit market inefficiencies using computers.

Just as the Inuit have developed over 40 synonyms for snow and ice based on observation of the subtle differences in conditions.

WakeTT have used computers to give financial market conditions a language and use computers to identify these nuances.

Observe the intersection between technology, data and human behaviour.

WakeTT is identifying a language in the financial data and evolving the number of synonyms used to describe market conditions.

Systematic trading

From data streaming analysis to automatic execution.

Machine Learning analysis

* the Eagle strategy performance figures quoted and the data used in the calculations is simulated data for the period prior Wakett Eagle Funds inception on September 2017.  The independent Fund Administrator is the data source for all the returns since September 2017 on the Wakett Eagle Fund SP. Simulated performance before September 2017 results of simulated trades shown are calculated including the reinvestment of all estimated gains and deducting management fee, performance fee, prime brokerage commissions, administrative charges and all the other expenses applicable to the strategy as better indicated in the relevant Offering Supplement and Offering Memorandum.

Simulated trades within a hypothetical fund portfolio presented as an example and may not be a reliable indicator of future performance of the investment. Future returns are not guaranteed and a loss of principal may occur. The simulated returns before September 2017 has not been independently verified, data source Wakett (Malta) Limited.

Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Future returns are not guaranteed and a loss of principal may occur. Investment in funds carries the risk of potential loss of capital.  Performance is shown net of fees.

Apply empirical research taken from the natural world

Systematically build portfolios.












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